How do we meet or exceed rider satisfaction using our Quality Assurance service management system?

Elder Transportation Services quality management team prepared an extensive and verifiable report, including data and information on the relationship between our reliability service model and rider satisfaction. In short, our biggest competitors include Transportation Network Companies (TNC) like Lyft, Uber, GetMe, Fasten, Fare, and Ride Austin do not offer reliability as a service standard that meets or exceeds rider satisfaction every scheduled trip. One, Transportation Network Companies are unreliable because their drivers have the power to cancel a ride request at any moment. Two, It may take longer to receive a driver as many times they do not service particular destinations or a rider is farther out of a popular region where most drivers service. Lastly, Transportation Network Companies risk losing recurring riders because of a weak reliability service model. 

Elder Transportation Services effective reliability standard is proven to meet or exceed rider expectation during a scheduled route. Our reliable service model reduces the risk of rider dissatisfaction and loss of service retention. Elder Transportation Services acknowledges the growing demand for senior transportation and non-emergency medical transportation services. We have proven to remove the barriers to transportation disadvantages for our past riders and ensure to our future riders that we can perform the same level of exceptional service. Our effective reliability standard as seen throughout our past rider satisfaction report suggests that we meet and exceed other service models in the industry and outperform other major competitors. 

Below is a scatter plot diagram that addresses Elder Transportation Services improvement to reliable service and rider satisfaction standards. A scatter plot diagram shows the dependency of two variables. One, reliability standards and cost efficiency. Two, rider satisfaction and expectation. The graph illustrates the dependency of these two variables in the work environment. 

Elder Transportation Services looks to improve the disadvantages to requesting a ride to non-emergency medical appointments. Riders that miss their non-emergency medical appointment may increase the risk of chronic disease. Elder Transportation Services provides an effective alternate solution to address the reliability concern with on-demand transportation companies like Lyft, Uber, Getme, Fasten, Fare, and Ride Austin.

Elder Transportation Services quality assurance management team was created to oversee the growing demand for local senior transportation and non-emergency medical transportation services. Read the following on how this woman encountered a disadvantage to transportation, 

One day after turning on my GetMe driver portal app I saw that a woman about 14 miles from my physical location requested s ride 115 minutes before. The woman's name was Mary. I eventually contacted Mary, a 62 year old woman and she stated that she had waited at her doctor's office over an hour and half and that she desperately needed a ride back to her house. I immediately state "I'm on my way". Above is a picture of Mary, her location at the time, and the minutes that she relied on GetMe to get back to her house. This 5-star passenger waited over an hour to get a ride. Elder Transportation Services understands the growing demand of local transportation and non-emergency medical transportation  services and works to continuously improve our reliable service model.