What is Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance is a quality management system used to oversee or manage the performance of a service or product in a quality work environment. Using qualitative data and information to ensure that a business service model meets or exceeds consumer expectation, a Quality Assurance management system guarantees to prevent the risk of error in a business or corporation. 

A Quality Assurance management system is used throughout various operational management industries to improve organizational effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity. Hence, the Quality Assurance process improves a managerial organization and creates better road-maps for short and long term corporate growth.

Elder Transportation Services acknowledges the growing demand for senior transportation and non-emergency medical transportation services in the 5-county metro area of Central Austin. Our responsible business actions guarantee to provide the best of quality exceptional service to each passenger. 

Below is a Quality Assurance Flow Diagram used to refer to how we provide exceptional service to each of our riders. In addition, we ask each rider to provide a comment or statement so that we can know more about our level of performance. This mastery market technique encourages a trustful relationship between our riders and driver. The more feedback that we earn the more that we can contribute on creating a safer, friendly, and healthy work environment. 

Elder Transportation Services Quality Assurance Flow Diagram acts as a reference guide for providing quality exceptional service to each of our riders. This diagram is meant to be read from left to right. The first stage is the Exceptional Service Standard and it incorporates many of the driver characteristics that makes our riders appreciate our business. The next stage is Rider Appreciation and it involves the dedication that each rider puts forth in providing our level of performance. Lastly, Stage 1 and Stage 2 effects our rider retention rate. This is known as the number of riders that return and request our service again and again.