Thousands of seniors need to get to their medical appointment for treatment and preventable illness, for personal errands, and to be transported back home from a hospital or rehab center. There are few businesses that provide services to this market audience as it is one of the reasons that Elder Transportation Services is in the business. 


                     "We help seniors because they need our help".

                                             - Fidel Garza IV (Owner and Founder)


Our Quality Assurance management team understands that there are many seniors and disabled seniors that need reliable and cost-efficient transportation solutions. Our company identifies some of the locational peripheries and maps our areas that request high demand for non-emergency medical and senior transportation services. 

Our Quality Assurance management team understands that locational demographic is key to providing accessible transportation for seniors and disabled seniors. Our area of concentration include: Bertram, Manor, Burnet, Bastrop, Taylor, Cedar Park, Leander, Round Rock, Georgetown, Mustang Ridge, Kyle, San Marcos, Dripping Springs, Buchanan Dam, Kingsland, Spicewood, Horseshoe Bay, and more! 

Elder Transportation Services continually gains insight into areas that need improvement to transportation transit systems. Our team constantly researches on various current news presses and articles related to transit systems around the nation. Our team feels as if our neighboring state's transit systems share a similar characteristic on poor access to transportation. 

Our Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) transit systems reflect on how we continually improve access to alternate transit systems every day. There are hundreds of people that use our service every month as our network of riders constantly grows. 

Today, many other seniors are left without knowing that there are alternative transportation companies that provide safe and reliable transportation accommodation like Elder Transportation Services. The demand for transportation for people with fixed incomes is steadily on the rise. As a result, our company looks to solve one of the greatest challenges in the senior transportation industry including a superb cost-efficient service standard that meets riders expectation and removes the barriers to transportation. 

In addition, it is unfortunate to consider that many others will be left without reliable and cost-efficient transportation in the near future. Elder Transportation Services looks to create a communal awareness on how we improve advantages to transportation within and outside the central Austin area. Our Quality Assurance management team encourages others to acknowledge how our organizational objectives can act as a leader to bridge the market gap in the senior transportation industry.