Automobile accidents and passenger injuries are reduced by implementing effective preventive measures through policies and procedures designed to control all types of exposures. Our Leadership & Control metric includes some of the critical program components needed for a comprehensive prevention plan for Para-transit or non-emergency medical transportation vehicles. In addition, transporting each rider to a non-emergency medical appointment is our professional responsibility not a job task. Professional responsible actions performed by our drivers during each scheduled non-emergency medical transportation ride is a service that we highly consider as one of our strengths of our Quality Assurance management. Our skilled and professional Quality Assurance management team presents an effective display on identifying some of the greatest factors of safety in the non-emergency medical transportation industry. To prevent miscommunication in the workplace each of our drivers must read these procedures thoroughly before the hiring process to ensure that they meet or exceed our exceptional service qualifications. Some of the procedures addressed by our Quality Assurance management team include:

· Clear communication of the purpose and importance of safe transportation policies and procedures.

· Documentation of the action management will take to ensure policies and procedures are understood and followed.

· The belief that all accidents are preventable and require determination of contributing factors causing injuries or property damage.

· A requirement that all employees, including managers, are expected to observe safety practices.

· A culture that recognizes management commitment as the measure of organizational commitment to safety practices.