Fidel Garza, B.A., M.B.A., General Partner and Mobility Manager, Elder Transportation Services

Mr. Garza founded Elder Transportation Services in early 2017 on the belief that there are few alternative transportation service providers to accommodate accessible transportation advantages for communities across Central Texas. In short, Elder Transportation Services improves equitable transportation service(s) for all passengers of age, race, location, and income. Thousands of medical appointments are a no-show ever year because of the lack of alternative transportation resources to accommodate a passenger transport request to and from a medical office visit or surgery appointment. Hence, Elder Transportation Services provides thousands of free rides every year for passengers that need to go to and from their medical appointment(s). The Leadership team at Elder Transportation Services continues to expand the Transit Mobility Plan (TMP) to provide access to quality healthcare treatment(s) for passengers at healthcare facilities. In addition, Elder Transportation Services continues to touch the lives of passengers that need safe, reliable, and free transportation to their medical appointment(s) in partnership with healthcare providers and regional government agencies nationwide.

The following information provides a detailed explanation on the duties and responsibilities that Mr. Garza achieves day to day with Elder Transportation Services.

  • Prepared a cost-containment plan to improve healthcare institutions overall operational budget on transportation service(s) expenses for the year 2018-2019.

  • Schedule and dispatch all transport service requests.

  • Work closely with a Leadership team including a Case Manager, a Nurse, a Director, a Project Manager, and a Strategic Planning Officer to ensure effective communication throughout the term of the project.

  • Work independently with a Project Manager and a Director to identify some improvements to the project and/or expansion of current transportation resources.

  • Identify challenges that prevent equitable transportation service(s) within rural and urban communities throughout the Central Texas region.

  • Educate and inform project team members on the issue(s) of access to transportation advantages for rural and urban communities throughout the Central Texas region.

  • Expand transit service(s) to other rural and urban communities to enable efficient and effective transit service(s).

  • Prepare, implement, and control the Transit Mobility Plan, a detailed resource guide that provides in-depth information on how to perform all necessary duties and responsibilities from beginning to the end of a Transit Project.

  • Evaluate and determine root causes of transit related issues to improve the project’s overall operational growth.

  • Train a team of qualified Vehicle Operators under the ADA regulatory standard(s) practice to perform and/or promote safety in the workplace environment for each scheduled transport trip request.

  • Train a team of qualified Vehicle Operators under the ADA regulatory standard(s) practice to perform on time service for each scheduled transport trip request.

  • Prepare accurate timestamps for each scheduled transport date for a(n) end of the week corporate review.

  • Speak directly with Spanish speaking clients.

  • Mr. Garza understands that It is important to consider that quality service standards are vital to the breadth of his working relationship with Elder Transportation Services’ clients.

Susana Jimenez, B.A., General Partner and Mobility Manager Assistant, Elder Transportation Services

• Mrs. Jimenez has over 30+ years of experience with the public and private sectors; developed short and long term organizational objectives for various state, federal and local agencies, organizations and businesses, along with the development of guidelines, procedures and rules; schedules, priorities and standards for achieving established goals; coordinated and evaluated program activities and budget requests while managing a $50 million portfolio. 

• She owns and operates two small businesses and is an accomplished nonprofit professional with two decades of experience working with and in the nonprofit world; creating lasting partnerships, directing nonprofit marketing initiatives, spearheading development of volunteer and membership programs, advocating for the nonprofit sector including military families, and planning events and conferences. 

• Eighteen years as direct liaison to the Governor in Mexico under the Texas Department of Commerce, Business Development Division, coordination of all domestic and international programs, events, and the recruitment of top 500 companies to Texas.