Upon the completion of the in-service training, our drivers will continue to the on-the-job training. This stage of the driver safety program is designed so that our driver can provide feedback about their observations during scheduled trips. The Quality Assurance management team ensures that this stage will be highly effective of the Driver Safety program. The procedures that are examined include:

· Supervising employees to ensure drivers follow company policies, applicable laws and government agency regulations

· Establishing a process to identify employees engaging in at risk driving behaviors and unsafe patient handling

· Conducting driver interventions to prevent unsafe driving.

Effective policies and procedures include, but are not limited to:

· Develop initial evaluation of driving skills and knowledge during the hiring process.

· Provide effective training to address any known deficiencies.

· Follow-up coaching sessions.

· Ongoing performance evaluation process based on clearly defined and communicated driving performance standards including:

· Minimum of annual review of moving violations and accident involvement.

· Customer feedback on driving behaviors.

· Observations conducted both announced and unannounced by supervisors/managers.

· Quality of pre/post trip vehicle inspections.