Previous driver performance and criminal history checks are two fundamental employment procedures of our driver employment hiring process. Our Quality Assurance management system ensures that it is the most important and effective phase of the employment process. Elder Transportation Services looks to meet or exceed exceptional service to each rider daily. Hiring drivers that are well screened for criminal history and past driver performance meets our quality standards of exceptional service. In addition, our riders and rider prospectus can guarantee to be driven by an individual that has never committed a crime nor has poor driver performance. It is our professional duty to let our riders know that in the event of an automobile accident Elder Transportation Services will take sole responsibility for any damage to our company’s or another’s vehicle, including bodily and personal damage to any persons related in an automobile accident. The driver selection criteria and hiring process may include, but are not limited to:

· Minimum age restriction of 23 years of age.

· State driving history free of serious violations. No more than two moving violations or combination of one moving violation and one accident within a five-year period.

· Application providing previous employment and experience driving a commercial vehicle for a minimum of two years.

· Thorough background check including credit and criminal background check.

· Develop a profile of critical values and skills needed to successfully and safely perform job duties and meet their safety related responsibilities.

· Conduct interviews to ensure applicants have compatible safety values, work ethic and interpersonal skills needed to interact with fellow employees and passengers.

· Confirmation of employment, qualifications and safety record with previous employers utilizing all available information for all previous employers.

· Pre-employment physicals and controlled substances testing.

· Conduct meaningful road test to evaluate skills and knowledge related to safely perform vehicle inspections, knowledge of defensive driving techniques, operation of passenger entry/exit devices, especially lifts and restraint systems.